overdose of wisdom

text und musik: ingo poertgen (1989)

sleeping on the graveyard in paris

beside the tombstone of oskar wilde

she said: this is not what we expected,

but we might get used to it after a while


a skinny body on the pilgrims path

the black piece of rock came from outer space

we were three kings following a star

the greek ambassador, me and her

she said: we have to keep on moving

have to return to the crowd

tribes are gathering, winter is near

we've been far away, but we're getting there


we saw an indian sleeping in his tent

who is that sleeper, who owns his land

found out that the ambassador was dead

an american captain shot him twice in his head

so we had to move south again

to follow the footsteps of an ancient king

poisoned arrow hit her right in the nose

she died in hospital - an overdose of wisdom



Am - F